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Refreshing our Brand and our Commitment to You

Today we’re thrilled to announce our refreshed brand identity at OmniLife. As we continue to grow and evolve as a company since our founding in 2016, our identity is growing with us - and although some of what you have seen is changing, our core beliefs and commitment haven’t changed.  

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5 Communication Tools You Should Avoid and Why

In the U.S. someone is added to the kidney transplant list every 14 minutes. That translates to an incredible number of patients and volumes of critical data to track. 

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How To Untangle The Cluster In The Organ Transplant Process

No organ offer is the same and no transplant is the same. Instead of a linear progress from progression to procurement to transplant, the process crisscrosses, loops around, backtracks, and takes unexpected turns. If an artist were to draw the transplant process from beginning to end, it would...

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How To Improve Communication Between OPOs and Transplant Centers

Organ transplant communication is like the cogs in a grandfather clock. Each mechanism can make the process more, or less, efficient. The same holds true for communication between OPOs and transplant centers.

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A Brief History of OmniLife: Our Connected Purpose

OmniLife’s story began in 2016 when our co-founders, Dalton Shaull and Eric Pahl - both students at the University of Iowa – first connected through their common interest in medical technology and their shared connected purpose to organ and tissue transplant.

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