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ONC Cures Act Final Rule

The US Office of the National Coordinator (ONC) for Health IT released the highly anticipated Cures Act Final Rule earlier this month amid sweeping health policy changes resulting from COVID-19 pandemic. Telemedicine and health IT support has been the focus of intense regulatory overhaul that...

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OmniLife awarded NIH SBIR Phase II grant

In September 2019, OmniLife received notice of award for a National Institutes of Health SBIR Phase II grant for $1.5M to expand on work completed in a previous pilot including clinical decision support. The study was IRB approved and supported by clinical experts throughout North America. 

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Top 3 Problems And Solutions For Transplant Centers

Every year, transplant centers wait for their SRTR data release to see how they’ve improved since last year and areas they need to improve in the future. This release is how centers are evaluated and may either encourage patients to be listed at that center or encourage them to go elsewhere.

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Can Improved Communication Help the Referral Process?

Patients, coordinators, transplant teams, and outside organizations, transplant centers are in a constant funnel of communication.  

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Why Transplant Centers Need Bi-Directional, Closed Loop Communication

Breakdowns in communication slow down the entire transplant process, frustrating transplant teams and keeping them from being able to fully focus. 

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‘Advancing American Kidney Health’ What You Need to Know

President Donald Trump recently launched his ‘Advancing American Kidney Health’ Initiative. 

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How To Fix the Biggest Problem in Your Transplant Communication

Everyday, coordinators, and surgeons have to field hundreds of pieces of information during the organ intake, procurement, and recovery process, all while they work to save lives. The way the current transplant communication process works puts them at the center of the communication cluster, where...

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Why Transplant Centers Get Stuck In A Communication Cluster (and how to fix it)

Organ transplant communication needs to be fixed.

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Is Decision Support Supporting The Problem?

Is decision support supporting the problem? The short answer is “yes.”

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Iowa Donor Network and Local Transplant Centers Achieve Healthy ROI from TXP Chat™ Organ Transplant Coordination Platform

Learn More Efficient Transplantation Processes in Your DSA! 

 TXP Chat™ delivers significant clinical engagement, reduction of redundant phone calls, increases in productivity, and improvement in information timeliness and accuracy. Confidence in your mission...

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