Changing Times for Organ Transplant Communication

Transplant communication is CHAOS!


Medical professionals lack timely access to secure and accurate information required to determine the viability of donated organs and coordinate their successful recovery. Organ transplantation and other healthcare emergency responses are unique due to the inherent inter-organizational relationship between parties involved in a single case: transplant centers, hospitals, organ procurement organizations, serology testing facilities, medical examiners, transport providers, etc. Current workflows rely on inefficient, point-to-point communication (fax, email, SMS, phone calls) that forms an interrupted network of information required for critical decision making. These methods result in hundreds of telephone calls, facsimile messages, and SMS text messages required to coordinate an organ transplant in real-time.

"Did you get that?"    "Have you told so-and-so?"     "When is OR?"    "Can you ask or tell my nurse ...?"    "Any updates?"

The positive impact of health information technology on quality and efficiency of healthcare delivery is well documented in scientific literature. However, the current systems offered in transplant are limited and cannot offer overall benefit to transplant care coordination. HealthTech Solutions conducted a survey of all clinical TXP Chat™ users and discovered these common concepts required of communication systems for organ transplant success:

  1. Collaborative: "Our whole team can be updated simultaneously and no one is left outside of the loop."
  2. Real-Time: "Messages are sent instantly, we know when messages have been read and who read them."
  3. Documented: "At the end of a case we can look back at all the messages and read receipts, catching errors and improving processes."
  4. Secure: "We are able to share PHI safely and securely."
  5. Easy-To-Use: "Touch-ID makes logging in easy and the messaging, notifications, and settings are intuitive."
  6. Extendable: "We can add people from outside our institution, even people that don't already have the app."
  7. Media: "We can easily send high-resolution photos and videos without them saving to the phone."


“Using TXP Chat last weekend was great.  It cut down on the repeat questions asked by us all.  Being able to all be involved in the conversation cuts down on repeat calls, texts and mistakes.  It was AMAZING!” -Nicole Patterson, Pre-Tx Coord. Methodist, Des Moines, IA

“TXP chat was amazing in helping to streamline my workload. It decreased phone calls and text messages drastically and I am so excited to continue to use this app!” -Brynn Timm, ORC, Iowa Donor Network

“Significant time, cost, participant efficiency, and reporting savings.” -Angie Korsun, COO, Univ. of Iowa Transplant Center

“The HTS standard will speed up organ placement, improved organ and care quality”-Karl Welke, Pediatric Cardio-Thoracic Transplant Surgeon, Carolina Health

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