Refreshing our Brand and our Commitment to You

Today we’re thrilled to announce our refreshed brand identity at OmniLife. As we continue to grow and evolve as a company since our founding in 2016, our identity is growing with us - and although some of what you have seen is changing, our core beliefs and commitment haven’t changed.  


Healthtech Solutions ➞ OmniLife 

As many of you may already know, the decision to rename the company came in December of 2018 as we were defining what the future of the company would look like. Over the course of 2019 and specifically in the last few months, we have spent hours developing nomenclature and application offerings that would accurately depict who we are, who we serve, and where we’re headed as a company in the future. 

We have made it our purpose to help provide transplant professionals with the right information, at the right time – all from the palm of their hands. OmniLife is where all your tools, people, and workflows, come together to collaborate and get life-saving work done. 


TXP Chat ➞ OmniLife 

Alongside the company, our mobile app is also evolving as we find new ways to assist organ procurement professionals, and we’re excited to have added the Donor Status module this spring. With this new addition, we are also updating the name of the app from TXP Chat to OmniLife in order to better represent the improved features and new products.  

Every product we build focuses on increasing documentation and visibility for leadership while simultaneously improving the efficiency and effectiveness of onsite staff. This leads to better donor management, reduced donor times, enhanced relationships with key customers and partners, and increased placement of organs and tissue for donation and research. 

All of this will keep us focused on our mission: Enabling OPOs to achieve their life-saving mission by bringing your people, workflows, partners, and tools, together in one place. 


As you notice the growth of our brand, signs and promotions, we would certainly love to connect with you. Feel free to reach out with any thoughts, requests, or compliments. If you enjoy social media, please connect with us. As always, please do not hesitate to call us anytime. 

We’re pleased to present our refreshed brand to you, for you!  

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